"RELATED ARTworkers" - Don Dougan
              a selection of creative endeavors by family members . . .
Luther Lee Dougan
Mary Dougan
Howard Willmot
Mary Anne Channell Dougan
Red Bones
handmade rag paper,
18¼" x 11¾"
Flood Hand
wood, handmade rag &
Japanese papers,
16¼" x 7¾"
Peering Through St. Anne's Cranium
intaglio, relief on handmade paper and purchased papers with wax, copper,
wine, polymer clay, found objects
39½" high x 17¼"
Dorothy Dougan Barrett
  jewelry design, enamels, metalsmith
This body of work was inspired by my experiences as an American living in Japan.  I found myself alternately fascinated and frustrated by the contrast between two dramatically different cultures.
locket (three views)
18kt gold, fine silver, sterling silver, vitreous enamel,
freshwater pearl, sterling silver chain
3.5cm x 2.4cm x 1.2cm
Prints by their normal definition are multiples, and the
element of repetition is important in my work. But I
use the idea of repetition in a different way from the
traditional process of developing one completed image
and repeating it in an edition.

I create plates containing separate images that I can
combine in different ways. The images on the plates
have become my own personal visual vocabulary.
One image can change meaning when combined and
juxtaposed with other images, creating a different
dialog, a different story. Each person seeing the
images is able to find their own meaning.

Often I layer the images one on top of the other or
print on both sides of the paper. This is another way of
combining information, a way of obscuring and adding
to information that was already there.
Cape Falcon
Neakahnie Mountain
watercolor on paper
18" x 24"
Indian Country - Muskoka Lakes
watercolor on paper
15" high x  21"
Snowy Owl & Pintail Ducks
oil on board
39-1/2" high x 26-1/2" 
Mancel Willmot
Loerdalooren Fjord, Norway
watercolor on paper
6-1/2" high x 9-1/2"
Michael Anderson
Ann Marie Anderson
email:  dorothydbarrett@yahoo.com
In my enamel jewelry I utilize the depth and surface of the glass and metal to interpret the myriad layers of cross-cultural understanding and confusion.
In doing so I hope to involve the wearer/viewer in the process of communication.
Communication between cultures, I found, cannot be achieved solely through translation of language. We must learn to read between the cultural lines.
In the Midst of the Incomprehensible #4
brooch (two views)
fine silver,
vitreous enamel,
cord (not shown)
3.3cm x 8.3cm x 1.3cm

In the Midst of the Incomprehensible #2
fine silver, vitreous enamel, cord
6.9cm x 1.8cm x .4cm

sterling silver,
fine silver,
vitreous enamel
8.5cm x 3.8cm x 1.2cm

"(Understanding another culture is) more like grasping
a proverb, catching an illusion, seeing a joke than it
is like achieving communion."      
Clifford Gentz
Through the Opaqueness of Words #2
images copyright Mary Anne Channell Dougan
jewelry images copyright Dorothy Dougan Barrett
watercolor  images  copyright  Mary Dougan
photographs by Jason Tan
photograph by
Jason Tan
photograph by Jason Tan
photographs by Dorothy Barrett
Byron Dougan
          fine woodworking
Bromeliad #1
watercolor on paper
22" x 16"
Winter Bloom
watercolor on paper
22" x 16"
Driftwood Table
20" high x 20"
Walnut Bent-Wood Tables
16" diameter tops
table designs copyright Byron Dougan
image copyright H.Willmot
image copyright M.Willmot
image copyright L.L.Dougan
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