Selected stone, bronze, and mixed media sculptures the students finished in Cortona
Diantha Tevis  bronze, granite

Dusty Emerick  bronze
Dustin Daugerhty
bronze, marble
Jon Pellitteri     bronze, sandstone
Olmstead      bronze, steel, and mixed media
detail view of one of the five bronze elements - 8" long
Lisa Whiting
above: wax,
bronze knots,
antique keys

right: bronze cast
into carved wood
Laura Sabounjian
bronze, copper, granite
length of formed steel table 72" overall
detail of 3" high figures
Don Dougan  -  sculptor
Katie Sofrin  alabaster, satin pillow
Chris Gray 
alabaster, sandstone
Fernando Ramos alabaster, sandstone
Katya Sekeres
alabaster, bronze
Joseph Sand
bronze, ceramic, sand
Rebecca Alioso
Lindsey Mitchell
alabaster, bronze, string
Amie Wagner
marble, serpentine, twine
Addoley Dzegede
Becca Phillips alabaster
Fall Semester
Fall Semester 2001