The element of chance is always in my work, but perhaps not as obvious as when I am casting metal or bronze.  In addition to the molds that I make for casting elements that will later be incorporated into multi-element mixed-media sculptures, I am always looking for the mistakes that have a certain potential.

When casting metal there is usually a spill or two during the pour - not a major spill, but a splash of molten bronze lands in the sand or on the side of the mold and quickly solidifies into a form.  Most of these get thrown back into the pot of metal and are just re-melted - after all, "waste-not, want-not."  But sometimes a striking or unusual form appears and I try to grab those before they get thrown back into the pot. 

This is one such, where a large splash cooled and then a second smaller spill fell on top of it, cooling at a different rate and causing little radial wrinkles to form on the second surface (at this resolution it is hard to make out, sorry!).

Fantastic landscapes in miniature from a little spilled liquid - a good and likely candidate for
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