This was originally a scrap off a large carving in bardiglio -  THREE HILLS FOR REMUS, and like I do quite often when carving large pieces, I 'played' with the scrap to test and see what I could do with the surface textures on the stone before attacking the large piece.

The particular texture and shaping on this test piece was achieved using hand rubbing stones, and allowing the scratches to remain on the surface.  The top end was a natural cleft surface that I treated with acid. 

When I finished the test, I went on to apply the techniques to areas of the large sculpture, and this was set on a shelf in the studio - too good to throw away, but not really suitable for an element in any of the other pieces I was working on at the time.

When I began working on CORNUCOPIA it made me think of a pouch full of  . . . well, uhh, good stuff.
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